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HEADLINE: Clients' Raves!

Clients' Raves!

Here's what a few of my awesome clients have to say about me. (Click their names to see the photos they're raving about.)

TITLE: Karen and Mikey

Karen and Mikey:

Hi Ben!

Thanks for being our photographer! You were amazing! I love the pictures on your blog! Everything is looking great so far :o)

Yes, I have seen the client timeline on your website, I have been slightly stalking your website since we got back from our honeymoon to see if you had posted anything, haha. I am so excited to see all the photo's and the album, from the blog it looks like everything's going to look fantastic.


Thanks again for everything, you were the perfect photographer! (and you can quote me on your website for saying that! haha)

looking forward to hearing back from you in the next couple weeks,


Washington DC Wedding Photographer, Ben Rasmussen Photography | Karen and MIkey

Jaishree and Gopal:

(Jaishree and Gopal are Navneet's parents.)
Hello Ben!
Thank you so much for sending us the link to the Reception Photos!
We really love them so much!
We have started forwarding them to some of our close relatives already.
We really apreciate the wonderful job you did with the photos and would highly recommend you for your brilliant work.
Thanks once again.

Lauren & Andrew:

Just wanted to let you know we received the CD of photos today and they are great. Thank you for capturing our pets personalities so well and for the fabulous photos of all of us. We can't wait to share them with our friends and family.

Washington DC Wedding Photographer, Ben Rasmussen Photography | Lauren and Andrew Engagement Portraits

Elodie and Samuel:

Elodie emailed this after the blog entry was posted:
I think the pictures look great, thanks so much! We really had a great time that day.

...and this after receiving the disk:
I received the CD this weekend, thank you so very much. The pictures look great and we're really pleased with your work and excited to use them on our website. ...We really enjoyed working with you and especially your flexibility around what we were looking for our session...

Washington DC Wedding Photographer, Ben Rasmussen Photography | Elodie and Samuel Engagement Portraits

Erin and Randy:

Thanks - the photos are great! Excellent job!

Kirsten and Lorin:

Kirsten sent this after seeing the blog entry (read it to get the story behind the Holiday Inn Express references):
Hi Ben!

You, my friend, are a genius! I think we know someone else who slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night ;-) Your blog is a hoot, and your pictures are just beautiful...i teared up looking at them!! I'm so excited to share them with my family!

You're the best!
talk soon,

...and this after getting the disk (I just happened to have a Holiday Inn Express pen that I included with the disk):
Hi Ben!

A belated thank you for the beautiful photos! It was wonderful that we were able to share them with Lorin's family in Texas a few weekends ago!

And we LOVED the Holiday Inn Express pen - a perfect touch!

I haven't heard from your possible client seeking a reference, but I look forward to sharing our great experience with you with him!
Hope all is well!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer, Ben Rasmussen Photography | Kirsten and Lorin Wedding Photos
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